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Safely store all your cards and ID's

Folio is an independent identity wallet.  Store all your cards, documents and ID’s securely on your phone. Works in any country.

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Easily Store Bank cards, Loyalty Cards, Passports + More...

then retrieve them instantly!

Store loyalty cards such as: Walmart, Tesco Clubcard, Wells Fargo, Nectar, Target, Lidl Plus, M&S Sparks Card, Costco, Subway, Ikea Family, Boots Advantage, The Body Shop, McDonald’s, Greggs Rewards, Starbucks, Pret A Manger.

and many more…

The digital wallet for everything else!

It's a must!

“An excellent application to keep on mobile all your important cards and retrieve them when required!”


Love it!

Such a great app! I hate having to bring my purse and ID with me when I’m out. Being able to just have everything in one place makes my life so much easier.

It stores your credit cards, driving license, passport and even covid certificate.


Great Wallet App

Had a digital version of my passport stored on my phone in seconds. Holds all my other cards and docs as well so I no longer need to carry them with me.


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How to get Folio

Scan the QR code to download the app

11 ways Folio makes you better organized

1. Credit And Debit Cards

Folio has a super easy function where you can store your card and then copy the long number or CVC for a quick and smooth checkout.

2. Membership & Fan Cards

Never forget your gym pass or membership cards.

Support your favourite sports team with a fan card to get exclusive content and benefits.

3. Government ID's (driving licence, passport, national id etc)

Need to prove your age or ID?

With Folio your data is totally securely stored on your phone inside the Folio wallet.  Nobody (not even Folio) can see what you have stored.

4. Coupons And Offers

Everybody loves a great deal and Folio is the best place to store all your offers, vouchers and coupons so that you never miss out on a bargain again!

5. COVID-19 Vaccination and Health Credentials

Folio is ideal for the traveller who wants to keep a record of their health credentials, vaccinations and medical documents in one place.

6. Transport Tickets & Rail Cards

Plan your next journey with peace of mind by storing everything you need in Folio.

Passes, passport, tickets and rail cards can all be stored in your digital wallet.

7. Student ID's

For students Folio is the perfect way store your student ID and it’s one less thing to carry when heading to a lecture or a night out on the town.

8. Store Loyalty, Frequent Flyer & Rewards Cards

Nothing is more satisfying than getting rewards points from your favourite store but when you leave your card at home you will miss out on those points!

9. Supporter Cards

Stay connected with your favourite charity to track your giving and to keep up to date with how your donations make a difference.

10. Event & Live Stream Tickets

Enter events by scanning the ticket QR/Barcode from your Folio ticket.

Even live streaming events can send tickets to your Folio wallet so you never miss one when it starts.

11. Gift Cards

Folio lets you store your gift cards to be scanned and redeemed in store or online.

How to get Folio

Scan the QR code to download the app

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